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The ingredients that must go in to the male enhancement pills

Male enhancement pills: Every man in this world and mark my word, “every man in the world” is fond of having a bigger and better penis than what he is born with. Every one of them will think and say this every time wishfully to them, “I wish it was even one inch longer.” If you are one of them and you think that you also should have your penis a little longer, take heart because you are not alone.

  • If Google search is anything to go by, the words, male enhancement and penile enlargement are the most searched words any given day and what this goes to prove is that a vast majority of the humanity (read all men) are indeed worried about the size of their reproductive organ and are also searching for more information on the internet and it is probable that they are also looking for solutions to their problem.

    So, the big question is Do the enhancement pills work?

    You must have come across a lot of write up on the male enhancement pills and thought to yourself, wow, this sounds like magic. You pop a pill and TADAA! Your penis grows in size!! Only if it was magical and that easy! Actually speaking a lot of men think it to be magical and when they do not see the desired results in too short a time, they shun the pills as a sham it as an overhype.

    Patience and perseverance

    What you must know and appreciate is that these pills are made of ingredients that are most potent in solving the problems at hand and you cannot just expect it to work for you in the first time itself. You will at least need to continue it till about two-three months. You must also keep in mind that some ingredients work differently with different people and if there is a product which has worked very well on Mr. A, it is not necessary at all that it will work fine of Mr. X.

Here is what the ingredient of a penis enhancement pill should have

  • The pill must most definitely have the right ingredients;
  • The right ingredients must be in the right measurements and proportions;
  • The pill must be pocket friendly and not an hassle to consume; and
  • Lastly, there must be no severe side effects when you consume the tablets.
Herbal medicines at its best

When trying to figure out which is the best enhancement pill for yourself, it is a prudent decision to ask for the ingredients in the tablet. The seven most potent contents are

Epimedium leaf extract


Panax ginseng

Mucuna pruriens

Muira puama

Tribulus terrestris


Epimedium leaf extract has been discovered by a goat herdsman in China who found out that his goats had sexual improvement when they ate this plant. This leaf is famous for having a substance called PDE 5. Pde 5 is a natural inhibitor which allows extra blood to flow through the penis and thus let the male arouse faster; enjoy the blood flow, allows you to enjoy long lasting sex and helped avoid premature ejaculation. See I told you! it is not less than magic

Ginkgo is supposed to be the oldest living specie in the world and the cost effective at that. the plants efficacy is proven by the fact that it works wonder for the mind more than the body. it is believed to have the capability of curing even mental depression like conditions especially the ones that comes when you realize that you still don’t have the right size.

Panas ginseng is the other name for the Korean variety of the ginseng and it is the most effective one. It is an ancient ingredient in oriental medicines and is believed to have cured conditions such as the loss of libido and low energy levels.

The dopamine content in Mucuna Pruriens is rich in regulating mood and helps fight severe bouts of depression. The dopamine in the ingredient is a great way to increase the duration of the intercourse and also to last long enough in the bed. Muira puama most commonly called potency wood has different names in different geographical regions. This ingredient is believed to take away all our problems and also help men to get erect and help the erection happen.

Tribulus terrestris is a Chinese ingredient that makes the

Shilajit is naturally found in the Himalayas. It is a blackish powder that comes from the rocks in the Himalayas. It is believed to fight signs of ageing. It also is an antioxidant and is believed to give a boost of energy to the person consuming it.

Conclusion: the above ingredients are a must have to make your pills as potent as you want them to be. But in case you do not find a mention of the herbs on the pack, at least look for three kinds of steroids in it, namely

Dopamine; / Growth inducing hormone; / and Testosterone.